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22 Feb 2018 description

The Shelter and NFIs Cluster, led by UNHCR and co-led by Global Communities, coordinates the efforts of 75 member organizations. The Cluster addresses the coordination of emergency Shelter and NFI needs and promotes household and community resilience. The Cluster supports people in need within displaced, hosting and non-displaced populations by ensuring that the different modalities of interventions (in-kind, non-conditional/conditional cash or voucher) abide by the do-not-harm principle.


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20 Feb 2018 description
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Syria. Sector partners continue to help Syrians get back on their feet

Six years since the onset of the crisis, sector partners remain at the disposal of the most vulnerable members of the population and continue to provide lifesaving and life-sustaining non-food items support. This child from eastern Homs governorate is among the thousands of people with specific needs whom the sector continued to target and prioritize in 2017.

Life Saving and Sustaining Support

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