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03 Jun 2019 description

by Yuriko Cowper-Smith

Diasporas can play a significant role – both positive and negative – in the development and politics of their countries of origin. For example, academic researchers have established that diasporas improve the lives of their home communities by maintaining cultural links, raising awareness, sharing information, and sending remittances to family and friends. However, diasporas are also often painted in an unfavourable manner because they might exacerbate or even escalate conflict in their homelands from abroad.

08 Mar 2019 description

We’re always working to expand the Sentinel Project’s programs into new areas where we can help and this week marks an important milestone as well as the beginning of a long-awaited new phase in our work as we launched the Hagiga Wahid project in Uganda, which will soon expand to include South Sudan.

19 Feb 2018 description

Humanitarian aerospace is one of the cutting-edge fields in which the Sentinel Project operates, through its subsidiary initiative Sarus Humanitarian Aerospace. Unmanned aerial systems (UAS), also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and commonly called drones, can be widely used for peaceful, humanitarian, and environmental protection purposes. Making use of the technical abilities of drones enables non-government organizations to access areas that are unsafe or off limits to their personnel.

25 Oct 2017 description

Preparing for elections

Prior to the August general election, Amani FM invited Steven Karani, the district returning officer of Tana Delta, to the studio so that he could educate community members on the voting process and requirements for one to vote. The studio then opened the phone lines for listeners to call in and ask questions about the election.