Sanad for Peacebuilding


Sanad for Peacebuilding is a non‐governmental, non‐for‐profit organization, established in 2013 with support from the United States Institute of Peace (USIP). Both organizations entered a strategic three year agreement in 2013, with which Sanad is providing administrative and technical support to the networks.

Sanad works to build and strengthen peace, democracy and human rights in Iraq by providing support and technical expertise to civil society networks. Sanad is particularly supporting the Network of Iraqi Facilitators (NIF), and the Alliance of Iraqi Minorities (AIM).

These networks were developed by USIP and have primarily transitioned to be supported by Sanad. Sanad is governed by an independent board of directors, comprised of eight members with professional backgrounds in peacebuilding, civil society, rule of law, human rights, media, academia, and government. They also reflect the diversity of the Iraqi communities.

Latest Updates