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Samuel Hall is an independent think tank providing research and strategic services, expert analysis, tailored counsel and access to local knowledge for a diverse array of actors operating in the world’s most challenging environments.

Samuel Hall has offices in Afghanistan, Kenya, Somalia, Senegal, and a presence in France, Germany, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. We have worked with more than sixty-five organizations in Central & South Asia, East & South Africa and the Middle East.

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11 Oct 2017 description
report Samuel Hall

In 2017, Samuel Hall conducted a study on key issues, actors, and tools in the current global landscape of Family Tracing & Reunification (FTR), commissioned by IKEA Foundation. Based on an extensive and rigorous literature review and 22 additional key informant interviews with FTR providers and experts worldwide, the study focused on the current landscape of FTR tools and methods, their respective actors and key challenges to accessing and providing the best FTR support services possible.

18 Aug 2017 description
report Samuel Hall

Every province of Afghanistan is required by law to have a Juvenile Rehabilitation Centre (JRC) in its capital city to house and rehabilitate children in conflict with the law sentenced to detention. An alternative to full detention is the Open JRC, where children spend daytime in rehabilitation and evenings and weekends at home. The Open JRC in Kabul nevertheless remains a detention facility.

11 Aug 2017 description
report Samuel Hall

The present study assesses the economic interactions between migrants and the host community, and identifies concrete innovative ways to support their aspirations to a better life. Three key questions are answered: What drives migration in and through Agadez, and who are the actors involved? What is the economy of migration in the town of Agadez? Finally, what, concretely, can IOM (International Organization for Migration) and other stakeholders do to support both host community members and migrants?

24 Jul 2017 description

Executive summary

Understanding labour migration in the East African Community

29 Mar 2017 description

Older people in Africa are involved in all aspects of the migration chain: they are voluntary or forced migrants themselves, they shape the migration experience of others by funding youth migration and being involved in the decision-making process, they also benefit from remittances. Yet, they remain invisible in migration policy, as well as aid and development planning. This briefing tells the untold story of older people in the migration ecosystem in Africa.


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19 Oct 2017 description
job Closing date: 30 Nov 2017 Samuel Hall

Samuel Hall is seeking a professional and motivated Deputy Country Representative to join its Afghanistan office for a full-time position based in Kabul. The Deputy Country Representative (DCR) is SH’s representative in its assigned Country / Area of Operations (AoR) in the absence of the CR. The DCR reports directly to the CR. The DCR is responsible for all SH operations and staff within their AoR in the absence of the CR an/or if authority has been delegated accordingly.