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14 Aug 2018 description
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(MissionNewswire) Alamin Abkar, a married 34 year old father of three, has been able to launch his own business in Egypt thanks to the Salesian Missions Sunrise Project. A refugee from the Sudan who is responsible for caring for his wife and children, Abkar is blind but did not want to let his impairment stop him from earning a living in his new community.

13 Aug 2018 description
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(MissionNewswire) Kakuma was established in 1992 near Kenya’s border with South Sudan and was a place of refuge for unaccompanied minors fleeing warring factions in what was then southern Sudan. Today, the Kakuma refugee camp has more than 185,000 refugees, well over the 120,000-person capacity for which it was built.

27 Jul 2018 description
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(MissionNewswire) Early in 2018, Salesian missionaries received a shipment of food, medicines and other items from Canada for their mission in San Benito Petén, Guatemala. Among the items received were 10 cases of protective masks for nurses which was far beyond what the mission though they could use. The masks proved extremely useful after the Fuego volcanic eruption that happened on Sunday, June 3.

17 Jul 2018 description
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(MissionNewswire) Salesian missionaries operate 10 centers throughout Myanmar to help those who are poor, marginalized and in need of education. One project that recently received donor funding through Salesian Missions is the Human Dignity Street Children project at Don Bosco Youth Center in Mandalay.

13 Jul 2018 description
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(MissionNewswire) The Salesian-run Don Bosco University in San Salvador, El Salvador has received 586 pieces of furniture for its School of Rehabilitation Sciences and School of Aeronautics thanks to a recent donation made possible by an ongoing partnership between Salesian Missions and IRN (Institution Recycling Network). IRN matches surplus items with organizations and people who need them. Those impacted by the recent donation include 159 first-year students of rehabilitation sciences and 737 students of aeronautics.