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30 Sep 2018 description
report Roll Back Malaria

Eight countries step up cross-border cooperation to rid region of world’s deadliest disease by 2030

Dakar, Senegal, 31 August 2018 – Today, health ministers from eight Sahel countries launched the Sahel Malaria Elimination Initiative to accelerate the region’s efforts to eliminate malaria — a disease that puts 90 million Sahelians at risk each year.

02 Jul 2018 description
report Roll Back Malaria

“The African continent accounts for over 90% of the global malaria burden. It is in this context that we have launched the “Zero Malaria Starts with Me” campaign, a continent-wide public-facing campaign for a malaria-free Africa. The campaign will reignite grassroots movements in which individuals, families, communities, religious leaders, private sector, political leaders, and other members of society pledge to take responsibility in the fight against malaria.”

11 Jun 2018 description
report Roll Back Malaria

Global partnership urges countries close to elimination to stay committed to beating the preventable but deadly disease

11 June 2018 – Today, the nation of Paraguay is celebrating breaking free from the burden of malaria – a disease that claims a child’s life every two minutes – with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) announcement that the country achieved malaria-free certification after five consecutive years of zero indigenous cases of malaria. Paraguay is the first country in the Americas to achieve this goal in 45 years.

16 Dec 2016 description
report Roll Back Malaria

The World Health Organization’s 2016 World Malaria Report launched on 13 December, highlighted the continued progress in the malaria fight, particularly for the most vulnerable. Since 2000, malaria deaths rates have fallen by more than 62 percent – and by 69 percent among children under 5 – saving 6.8 million lives. In the same period, 17 countries have successfully eliminated malaria entirely. The 2020 target of eliminating malaria in 10 more countries is within reach.

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