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The Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA) is the national umbrella body for refugees and the organisations and individuals who support them. It has more than 200 organisational and over 900 individual members.

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07 Sep 2017 description

September 7, 2017. Amidst horrifying reports of the murders of children, attacks on civilians, rape and concerns of genocide emerging in Myanmar’s Rakhine state, the Australian Government should act immediately to resolve the escalating regional crisis.

Paul Power, CEO of Refugee Council of Australia said “The Turnbull Government should act urgently to bring political pressure to cease the military crackdown on the Rohingya, through the delivery of emergency assistance and additionally, through the provision of refuge for people who have been forced to flee their homeland.”

27 Aug 2017 description

The Australian Government’s decision to withdraw all support from vulnerable people seeking asylum is “savage and cruel”, says CEO of the Refugee Council of Australia, Paul Power. Within days, hundreds of people who were brought to Australia from the Nauru and Manus Island detention centres for health reasons will have meagre yet critical support cut completely.

24 Aug 2017 description

Shukufa Tahiri


Refugees and migrants come to Australia with a wealth of skills, experience and aspirations. They are committed to pursuing employment as a means of ensuring economic security and contributing to their new home. Often these groups have been forced out of their homes due to war and unrest, and many have experienced persecution, unemployment and interrupted schooling. However, they face multiple barriers in applying their skills and experience, and in fulfilling their aspirations, within the Australian labour market.

24 Aug 2017 description


In June 2017, senior staff of Settlement Services International (SSI) and Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA) were involved in meetings in Canada and Geneva to learn more the Canadian model of private sponsorship of refugees and its implications for Australia.

18 Aug 2017 description

UNHCR Appeals For Support To Address Refugee Resettlement Needs In Africa

The vast unmet need for refugee resettlement from Africa and the opportunities for communities to engage in the sponsorship of refugees were two of the key themes discussed when representatives of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), governments and NGOs from resettlement states and other inter-governmental bodies gathered in Geneva for the 2017 Annual Tripartite Consultations on Resettlement (ATCR).

Representation at the ATCR