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18 Nov 2017 description

This document has been produced based on a secondary data matrix compiled by the Cox’s Bazar Coordination team and the Global Child Protection Area of Responsibility (CP AoR) using the Child Protection Minimum Standards as an analysis framework. All data points are citations from the secondary data matrix which have been compared and interpreted, but not triangulated and verified.

15 Nov 2017 description
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  • Security situation: In October 2017, OHCHR recorded 24 conflict-related civilian casualties: 5 killed and 19 injured. In October, mine-related incidents accounted for almost 67% of civilian casualties.

15 Nov 2017 description

This thematic report provides an overview of lessons learned from assessments involving the Rohingya refugee population in Bangladesh. The objective is to help humanitarian actors undertake more context appropriate, protection sensitive, and efficient assessments in the Rohingya Bangladesh crisis. It provides tangible examples of how assessments in this context can be designed to avoid causing harm, encourage participation and empowerment, ensure accountability and inclusion of particularly vulnerable populations.

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