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21 Jun 2011 description
report Pravda.RU

German Der Tagesspiegel is sounding an alarm about the possibility of re-emerging conflict in Central Asia, this time between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

16 Jan 2007 description
report Pravda.RU

Speedboats and helicopters delivered aid to evacuees from floods across southern Malaysia on Tuesday, with around 100,000 people still seeking refuge at shelters after being forced out of their homes, officials said.

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, meanwhile, was set to visit the flood-stricken state of Johor, officials said.

Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak announced late Monday the government would double the amount of compensation given to victims by another 200 ringgit (US$57) while those who have lost household items would be given 500 ringgit (US$142) to restart their …

02 Oct 2006 description
report Pravda.RU

Russia has launched the economic blockade of Georgia. The Russian Federation has already suspended the transport and mail communication with Georgia. In the meantime, the Georgian authorities said that they intended to deliver the four arrested Russian officers to the OSCE.

Furthermore, the unrecognized republic of Abkhazia has cut all negotiations procedures with Georgia until all Georgian military men are withdrawn from Abkhazia's Kodori Gorge. Another unrecognized republic, South Ossetia, followed Abkhazia's example and ceased negotiations with Georgia.

27 Sep 2006 description
report Pravda.RU

Russia's Federation Council approved the sending of a technical battalion to Lebanon Tuesday. The decision will let Russian military men start reconstructing bridges and roads in Lebanon destroyed by the Israeli Air Force. The Kremlin believes that it is the most efficient form of assistance that Russia could render the war-torn country. The first group of Russian military men will arrive in Lebanon in the beginning of October. It is worthy of note that the Russian servicemen participating in the reconstruction of Lebanon will not possess the peacemakers' status.

22 Mar 2006 description
report Pravda.RU

Landslides caused by melting snow and heavy rains have destroyed dozens of homes in central Serbia , forcing hundreds of people to evacuate the area, media and officials said Wednesday. Dozens of other homes have been damaged in the Trstenik region, about 120 kilometers (72 miles) south of Belgrade , prompting local authorities to declare a state of emergency. There have been no reports of injuries.