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01 Mar 2010 description
report Philantropia

This resource guide seeks to provide an overview of concepts and strategies in international fundraising for organizations benefiting women and girls. Contents include: Introduction, Women and Philanthropy, Resources (Reports and Articles), and Sources of Funding (Networks, Foundations, Multilateral Organizations).


01 Dec 2009 description
report Philantropia

This report reflects the results of a small-scale survey conducted to gain insight into whether NGOs worldwide were reaping benefits from cross-border fundraising. The survey targeted both NGOs that had received international funding, and those which had not. We asked about their future fundraising plans, and how they would allocate any additional resources to increase their fundraising capacity.

01 Dec 2009 description
report Philantropia

This article aims to define strategies for International Non Government Organizations (INGOs) in finding new channels for funding from the newer member of the European Union (EU). A great number of former communist European countries have joined the European Union in the period between 2004-2007, officially gaining membership status to the "developed" countries club. The new EU members upon accession have all agreed to fulfill the Monterey Consensus, which entails the allocation of 0.33% of Gross National Income (by 2015) to Official Development Assistance (ODA).


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15 May 2019 description
training Ongoing course Philantropia

Are you a fundraiser for a non-profit, but your job feels way harder than it should? Do you constantly worry about how your organization will sustain its work and have a hard time securing grants? Does it feel like most energy goes into getting the funds instead of doing the project work in your organization? Then this course is for you! No matter the size of your organization or if you are a beginner or have years of experience – this online course will help you to develop a strategy for your fundraising efforts and bring them back on track.