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People In Aid improves organisational effectiveness within the humanitarian and development sector worldwide by advocating, supporting and recognising good practice in the management of people.

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12 Nov 2015 description

La Norme humanitaire fondamentale de qualité et de redevabilité (CHS) définit neuf engagements que les organisations et les individus impliqués dans une réponse humanitaire peuvent utiliser pour améliorer la qualité et l’efficacité de l’assistance qu’ils fournissent. Elle améliore également la redevabilité vis-à-vis des communautés et des personnes affectées par les crises qui, sachant à quoi se sont engagées les organisations humanitaires, pourront leur demander des comptes.

09 Jun 2015 description

Bringing together more than two decades of experience in quality, accountability and people management, the CHS Alliance will form one of the largest and most influential networks in the humanitarian and development sector. It will be a truly global enterprise, with a membership of more than 200 organisations headquartered in 55 capitals and operating in more than 160 countries worldwide. The Alliance will benefit from the reputations, legacies and successful working practices of HAP International and People In Aid, the two organisations which merged to form the Alliance.

01 May 2015 description
report People In Aid

In 2013, TPO Uganda introduced a new staff reward programme, made up of gifts in kind, to reward outstanding quality of work throughout the year. The HR department also organised a skills-building activity programme that enabled staff to reduce stress through structured exercises, including effective team building, zumba dance and relay exercises.

10 Apr 2015 description
report People In Aid

This is the final article in our month-long series highlighting gender issues and women in leadership that began on International Women's Day, March 8. In this case study, the Mines Advisory Group (MAG) illustrates the context and conditions in which female mine deactivation teams work, and the challenges they face in the most bombed country in the world, Laos.

20 Mar 2015 description

La Norma Humanitaria Esencial en materia de calidad y rendición de cuentas (CHS, por sus siglas en inglés) es fruto de la labor de la Joint Standards Initiative (JSI), una iniciativa de HAP, People In Aid y el Proyecto Esfera que busca lograr una mayor coherencia entre las organizaciones que establecen normas en el sector humanitario.