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16 Nov 2017 description
report Peace Direct

15 November 2017: The political lens is zooming in on Sierra Leone as the country is poised to hold its next presidential and parliamentary elections scheduled for March 2018. As political debates intensify, a new document launched by civil society is seen as new hope for democracy and peace. Abdul Brima examines its priority areas.

23 Oct 2017 description
report Peace Direct

20 October 2017: As many as 400,000 people have fled Burundi since the political crisis began in 2015, triggering mass protests, violence and human rights abuse across the country. As two new resolutions seek to address the crisis on the ground, what role can local peacebuilders play in forging a peaceful path out of violence?

22 Sep 2017 description
report Peace Direct

By Kennedy Tumutegyereize

18 Sep 2017 description
report Peace Direct

Are there common elements to different violent extremist groups? Christine Mutisya looks at key factors that lead people to conflict and what steps could be taken to counter violent extremism.

Psychologists claim that genetics and the environment determines one’s extent in engaging in violent behaviour. Those who have the genetic predisposition and are exposed to the ‘right’ environment have a higher chance of engaging in violent behaviour.

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