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12 Mar 2018 description

1 Executive Summary

Lebanon is hosting at least one million Syrian refugees officially registered with the UN, many of them living in informal tented settlements and residential and non-residential buildings scattered around the country. Unfortunately, tented settlements and substandard buildings, due to their informality and spontaneity as they are built in an ad hoc manner, are at high risk of fire.

05 Oct 2015 description

by Karol Skałowski, PCPM

1. Introduction

Sindupalchok Region was the region mostly severe affected by the April and May earthquakes. The study area, where assessment was conducted, was central Sindupalchok, north of Melamchi. This area was chosen because villages located there are with poor connection to the main road and the altitude is rising quickly (from 900m - Melamchi to 2500m - Sermathang in less than 10km of road).

19 Feb 2015 description


The aim of this report is to provide an evaluation of the activities of Polish Center for International Aid (PCPM) cash for shelter program in the Akkar district in Lebanon from the perception of a refugee, a landlord and attempting to undertake a short macroeconomic analysis.

09 Jan 2015 description

Warsaw, 8 January 2014: Thanks to the funding from Polish Aid, PCPM – Polish Center for International Aid completed winterization and rehabilitation works in the Romashka Collective Center in the northern outskirts of Kharkov. The reception capacity of the Collective Center has been expanded from 120 to 410 persons.

17 Nov 2014 description

Cash for shelter

PCPM has operated a cash for shelter project in Akkar since mid-2012, gradually increasing the number of beneficiaries from 360 Syrian refugee families in 2012 to over 1,700 Syrian refugee families in September 2014.

The cash for shelter project has two main objectives:

  • Humanitarian objective: to provide Syrian refugees with a proper and stable shelter options;

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