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PAX, a partnership between IKV (Interchurch Peace Council) and Pax Christi, works on the basis of two central values of peace in conflict areas: human dignity and solidarity with peace activists and victims of war violence.

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17 Nov 2017 description
report PAX

The bombing of Eastern Ghouta has intensified in the last two days. An area under siege for four years is now on the brink of disaster. Civilians are suffering from malnutrition, lack of access to medical care, and violence.

02 Nov 2017 description
report PAX

Report on cross-border peacebuilding in South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya demonstrates the importance of investing in youth

The report ‘Sustaining Relative Peace’ is a reflection on over ten years of peace work with armed youth and their communities and leaders in South Sudan and the borderlands with Uganda and Kenya. These communities mostly consist of shepherds.

18 Sep 2017 description
report PAX, The Syria Institute

The war in Syria is entering a new phase, as Bashar al-Assad’s government forces, backed by Russia and Iran, are already claiming victory. While the rest of the world focusses on the fight against ISIS, the Assad regime continues its campaign to force civilians opposed to his government to surrender.

However, this “victory”will not bring stability, as it will make the displacement of millions of people permanent. Nor will hasty reconstruction, since so much of the population is left out.