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08 Jan 2015 description
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CPCA Needs Assessment Country Report
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CPCA Peace Consolidation Strategy Building: From Analysis to Approach Selection

The Contributing to Peace Consolidation in Afghanistan project represents a one year joint Romanian-Afghan endeavour, having as aim the highlight and analysis of peace consolidation related capacity building gaps, challenges, achievements, lessons identified, and “best-fit” solutions in Afghanistan on the eve of the 2014 transition process and the 2015 MDG mark.


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09 Feb 2018 description

Our updated calendar for 2018 trainings is out now! For more information or for registering contact!

2018 Program

Making Mediation & Peace Processes Work: Peacemaking in Deeply Divided Societies and Challenging Contexts[1]

Date and Location: 14th – 16th May, London

Type: Advanced Professional Training

OECD price: 800 pounds

Non-OECD price: 600 pounds