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08 Jan 2015 description
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CPCA Needs Assessment Country Report
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CPCA Peace Consolidation Strategy Building: From Analysis to Approach Selection

The Contributing to Peace Consolidation in Afghanistan project represents a one year joint Romanian-Afghan endeavour, having as aim the highlight and analysis of peace consolidation related capacity building gaps, challenges, achievements, lessons identified, and “best-fit” solutions in Afghanistan on the eve of the 2014 transition process and the 2015 MDG mark.


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31 May 2018 description
training Registration deadline: 10 Sep 2018 Training date: 15 Oct 2018 to 18 Oct 2018 Peace Action Training and Research Institute of Romania

Cities, towns and urban areas are often the worst affected by war. From civilian casualties to destruction of infrastructure, urban areas experience a massive cost of violence. They are increasingly a if not the principal site of battles and destruction in many armed conflicts. Until recently they have also been largely neglected by many peacebuilding programmes and peace processes – which often focus on national-level or rural, community-based processes.

27 Feb 2018 description

Our updated calendar for 2018 trainings is out now! For more information or for registering contact!

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