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Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement based in occupied Palestinian territory

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30 Sep 2018 description

By: Ra’ed Al Nims

The peaceful March of Return protests started at the end of March 2018 along Gaza’s borders with Israel, triggering a heavy Israeli military response against unarmed civilians and causing much suffering. This extremely tense situation has forced PRCS to maintain high readiness levels in order to intervene at all times and to assist the wounded.

11 Jul 2018 description

(Jerusalem - 7/8/2018): The Qatar Red Crescent Society recently donated two state-of-the-art and fully equipped ambulances to PRCS’ branch in Jerusalem thus raising the number of ambulances operated by the branch to 16. This donation will help enhance emergency services offered to Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem and neighboring areas as well as to all Palestinians receiving treatment in Jerusalem hospitals.

The Society’s Emergency Medical Centre in occupied Jerusalem deals on average with 650 emergencies every month.

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