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19 Nov 2018 description

by Yves Daccord
19 November 2018

When humanitarians take stock of the lessons of 2018 and the priorities going forward, there will surely be unanimity on at least one point: the ‘humanitarian #MeToo’ crisis that erupted following media revelations about the conduct of some Oxfam staff in Haiti in February has shaken the sector to its core.

08 Nov 2018 description

by JC Gaillard and Ilan Kelman

Inclusive warning systems

Warning systems for hazards used to be assumed to be top-down: supply technology, data and messages, and then connect to the people affected as the ‘last mile’ of the warning system. Yet lessons from past decades+ alongside recent work+ explain why bringing in affected people last creates problems. Instead, warning systems need to be inclusive from the beginning.

24 Oct 2018 description

Advancing a collective model for communication and community engagement: lessons from the Rohingya response

by Margie Buchanan-Smith and Marian Casey-Maslen

19 Jul 2018 description

by Kelsey Hoppe and Christine Williamson

In part one of this two-part article, Kelsey Hoppe, CEO of Safer Edge, a UK-based security risk advisory company, and Christine Williamson, director and founder of Duty of Care International and an HR and duty of care specialist, discussed the prevention side of safeguarding. In this article, they continue their discussion with a look at safeguarding responses.