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20 Sep 2019 description

The Independent National Electoral Commission in Benue State on Wednesday said that hoodlums who dressed in military uniform attacked the commission’s vehicle.

The State Resident Electoral Commissioner, Dr. Nentawe Yilwatda, disclosed this when addressing journalists on the preparation for Saturday’s election late Wednesday.

According to him, the vehicle carrying non sensitive materials to Logo area of the state was attacked by people in military uniform.

10 Sep 2019 description

Nigeria’s Northeast region has known a decade-long insurgency that has led to the death of thousands and displacement of millions of people. In addition, infrastructures pile up in ruins. The humanitarian crises in the region are heart-wrenching. Even the Internally Displaced Persons’ camps where survivors are taking refuge are not spared from abject structural decay, stinging needs and violence.

03 Sep 2019 description

Policy Recommendations

  1. There is need to resolve the differences between the member states emanating from the differences in their colonial loyalties.

  2. MNJTF should improve on intelligence gathering to block sources of funds and supplies to the insurgents. .

  3. Enlistment of the support of the media and moderate Muslim clerics to help counter the actions of radical indoctrination.

  4. The MNJTF members states should fastrack the rehabilitation of vulnerable and displaced people in their respective domains.

29 Aug 2019 description

Policy Recommendations

  1. Regional and international cooperation against terrorism should not be limited to military activities.

  2. The United Nations and other donor agencies should harmonise and integrate their strategies for the Sahel.

  3. There should be regional cooperation in sharing weather and climate data for early warning and action to mitigate climate change.

  4. More investments in climate change adaptation strategies are urgently needed

16 Aug 2019 description

Education remains at the core of society’s development. It equips people with the capacity of developing and managing their environment for human survival and sustainability. Wise governments continually invest in education to ensure that its population are well-positioned to grapple with the dynamics of human existence.