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09 Jan 2017 description


In December 2016, twelve years after the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, Aceh was once again struck by an earthquake. However, over the past decade the landscape of responders has evolved and changed and there is need for better understanding of new actors to strengthen coordination during disasters.


05 Jan 2017 description

By Sorpong Peou


When the United Nations declared the 1990s to be “Decade of International Law”, optimism spread about the future of world peace. Another chapter of international law also began to open. Formal trials were what it would take to help promote human security. But evidence from Southeast Asia remains inconclusive.


30 Dec 2016 description

An Overview of Non-Traditional Security

Vishalini Chandara Sagar The study of Non-Traditional Security (NTS) emerged during the post-Cold War period due to significant shifts in the way we understand global security. As risks of traditional inter-state wars and conflicts decline, new security challenges, which are typically non-military in nature, have transpired from transnational threats.

Studies have shown that NTS crises have resulted in more deaths and have had a substantially larger impact on people over time than conventional military threats.