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13 Dec 2018 description

Iraq’s civilian activists face severe violent repression, new report

Since July 2018, the outbreak of large-scale popular protests in Basra and other Iraqi cities has led to a wave of violent repression of civilian activists, say Minority Rights Group International and the Ceasefire Centre for Civilian Rights in a new report.

12 Sep 2018 description

Exclusion at the heart of today’s migration and displacement – new key trends survey

13 Jun 2018 description
interactive Minority Rights Group

Peoples under Threat 2018: Government crackdowns on freedom of speech and political opposition now key factors in threat of mass killing and other violence

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The Peoples under Threat ranking highlights countries most at risk of genocide and mass killing. The ranking is created by compiling data on the known antecedents to genocide or mass political killing.

13 Jun 2018 description

The threat of mass killing, genocide and other violence is rising in countries where governments are resorting to repressive measures to suffocate dissent, according to new data analysis by Minority Rights Group International (MRG) and the Ceasefire Centre for Civilian Rights.

21 May 2018 description

In May 2017, the Ogiek indigenous community of Kenya successfully challenged the denial of their land rights before the African Court of Human and Peoples Rights. Following an eight-year legal battle, the Court found that the Kenyan government violated seven separate articles of the African Charter, in a case that dates back to colonial times. This landmark ruling recognised that the Ogiek – and therefore many other indigenous peoples in Africa – have a leading role to play as guardians of local ecosystems, and in conserving and protecting land and natural resources.

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10 Dec 2018 description
job Closing date: 19 Dec 2018 Minority Rights Group


Minority Rights Group International

Deadline: 19th December 2019

The global team week intern role basically deals with organising events, meetings for the organisation both locally and internationally. The role requires someone who can commit to 2-3 working days per week, for at least 3 months.

Tasks include

10 Dec 2018 description
job Closing date: 11 Jan 2019 Minority Rights Group


Minority Rights Group International

MRG is looking to recruit a Trusts & Public Partnerships Officer reporting to Head of Development and Partnerships.

This is a part-time, 12- month post based at the MRG office in London. The position is 3 days per week with the possibility to increase the number of days as well as the duration of the contract if/when budgets permit.

05 Dec 2018 description
job Closing date: 31 Jan 2019 Minority Rights Group


Minority Rights Group International

Legal Department

September 2019 – September 2020

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