Missing Children Europe


Missing Children Europe is the European Federation for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children connecting 31 grassroot organisations in 26 countries across Europe. We are all committed to the same goals: to prevent that children go missing, and to protect children from any violence, abuse or exploitation that leads to or results from them going missing.

Each year over 250, 000 children slip through the net in the European Union. Children go missing for a wide range of reasons, including conflict, violence, abuse and exploitation.

Missing Children Europe strives to protect and empower children to prevent them from going missing, and to keep them from harm when they do go missing. We work with professionals who assist missing children, children at risk of going missing and their families. We support them to better protect and empower children through research, training, advocacy, and awareness, facilitating exchange and cross-border cooperation. We coordinate the network of 116000 missing children hotlines, and the Cross-Border Family Mediators network. In all of these ways we contribute to more effective, holistic and integrated child protection systems across Europe.