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13 Dec 2018 description

Displaced people in the Kasai region of DR Congo begin to grow crops, raise pigs, and their children go to school

By Linda Espenshade

Strengthened by a continuing supply of emergency food, 700 families who have been displaced by violence in the Kasai region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo) are preparing to plant crops and to raise pigs to support themselves.

16 Nov 2018 description

By Linda Espenshade

Summary: MCC and its partners are providing humanitarian support to migrants coming to the U.S. from Central America and Mexico, including those in migrant caravans. In addition, MCC continues to address migration’s root causes of poverty and violence.

Nov. 16, 2018

Daniel doesn’t have just one reason for leaving his 8-year-old daughter and parents in Honduras. He has many reasons for joining a caravan of thousands of migrants walking toward the U.S. border with Mexico.

11 Oct 2018 description

Story and photos by Paul Shetler Fast

On the steep, rocky path to Degrave, Haiti, pieces of old asphalt collected from a road demolition project many years ago act as makeshift cobblestones.

Like the road to Degrave, families in this poor, rural community in Haiti are skilled at piecing together a life from the difficult realities that surround them: political instability, economic stagnation, rising food prices, declining agricultural yields, lack of government services and infrastructure, and vulnerability to natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes.

28 Sep 2018 description

Summary: At the invitation of the Center for Sustainable Climate solutions, two MCC partners and a staff member tell groups in the U.S. about the impact of climate change on their home countries of El Salvador, Nepal and Zimbabwe.

By Jennifer Schrock for CSCS

Zacharías Martínez, Sibonokuhle Ncube and Durga Sunchiuri never met before this month. Each is from a different continent, but they share a common grief: their nations are experiencing the effects of climate change.