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08 Nov 2017 description

Heavy flooding due to continuous downpour and strong winds has forced 7,910 evacuees to remain in several relief centres in Penang and Kedah. In Kedah, 17 relief centres are still operational in 5 districts while Penang being the worst hit has 45 relief centres operational in 3 districts namely Seberang Perai Tengah, Seberah Perai Utara and Timur Laut.

15 Feb 2017 description

COX’S BAZAR: After hours of negotiations, the Nautical Aliya, carrying tonnes of aid to the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, has finally been given clearance to dock at Chittagong sea port. Food Flotilla for Myanmar chief de mission Datuk Seri Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim said with the agreement reached after hours of meeting onboard Bangladesh’s F28 Naval Ship today, it is now back to the original plan.

06 Jan 2017 description

KUALA LUMPUR — Malaysians have started mobilising the first wave of aid as the flood conditions in Kelantan and Terengganu have taken a turn for the worse with over 23,000 victims evacuated so far.

Many of them are also banding together to make sure their relief supplies reach the east coast flood victims more effectively.

15 Dec 2016 description

BANDA ACEH: The Malaysian Red Crescent is shocked at the derelict state of the orphanage it built in Pidie here after the 2004 earthquake and tsunami.

Its national executive board member James Kon said he didn’t expect to see the orphanage in such poor condition having had raised funds to build the 2ha orphanage 12-years ago. Walking around the premises, pieces of ceiling and roof could be seen in a state of collapsing, with paint peeling off the walls and trash littered around the premises.

Various outdoor facilities and furniture were damaged.

24 Nov 2016 description

KUALA LUMPUR, 24 Nov 2016 – Coca cola Malaysia continued its commitment to the Malaysian Red Crescent (MRC) today with the delivery of drinking water of Dasani drinking water in preparation for the annual year-end flood relief operations, to ensure that both the volunteers and victims are adequately hydrated.

When the floods hit, thousands of lives get disrupted when the rising water destroys homes and families get displaced which is when the humanitarian aid such as shelter, clothing food and water provided by the Malaysian Red Crescent is crucial.