Lacuna Magazine


Lacuna is an online magazine that challenges indifference to suffering and promotes human rights. Its aim is to fill the gap between the short-term immediacy of daily journalism and long-term academic analysis. It publishes credible, accessible and compelling content that enables concerned readers to gain a better understanding of a particular issue. It stimulates ideas for action and provides resources for those who wish to look deeper than may be possible through mainstream media. And it gives space and assistance to new writers and those who want to speak for themselves.

Lacuna provides commentary, reportage and expert analysis that uncovers issues of injustice and human rights abuses. We review the best books, articles, films, music, art, theatre connected to these issues; bring to life the wider and deeper aspects of a specific theme of justice; offer stimulus, advice and ideas for writing and campaigning for human rights; and encourage and support unheard voices. All forms of writing and visual art will be considered: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, film, animation, photography.