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14 Mar 2012 description

By Ashley South

International aid agencies are generally keen to elicit beneficiary participation, do ‘capacity building’ and support local partners. However, this is easier said than done, and local communities and organisations can suffer by contact with international agencies, or at least be excluded from potential benefits.

13 Mar 2012 description

By Justin Corbett

SUMMARY: In June 2011, the internationally brokered and monitored peace agreement in South Kordofan broke down and a civil war erupted that left over a millions civilians cut off from all markets, services and contact with the outside world.

13 Mar 2012 description

By Richard Horsey

The Zimbabwe case study examines the protection implications of the multiple crises that the country has been going through in recent years: economic, social and political. It looks at how communities perceive the threats that they face, and the steps that they take to protect themselves from these threats.

13 Mar 2012 description

By Simon Harragin

The Jonglei Study explores how people living in parts of Twic East and Bor counties of South Sudan understand ‘protection’. What do they value, and how do they go about protecting themselves and their families, and communities?

Key points from the study