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15 Jan 2019 description
job Closing date: 31 Jan 2019 Royal Tropical Institute

KIT Royal Tropical Institute has been commissioned by Nespresso to design and implement the Gender Capacity Strengthening Programme (GCSP). The overall objective of the GCSP is to strengthen the capacities of Nespresso agronomists in selected countries to become catalyst of gender transformative change. The design and rationale of the GCSP reflects a number of pedagogical principles, namely: content and practice, learner-centred adult education methodologies, blended methods and competency-focused learning. The GCSP is embedded in the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program.

08 Jan 2019 description
job Closing date: 14 Feb 2019 Royal Tropical Institute

KIT Royal Tropical Institute is a non-for-profit organisation that aims to enhance the positive impact of agencies, governments and corporations on sustainable development in low-and middle-income countries. Using the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a general framework for action, we translate practice into knowledge, and apply this knowledge to achieve the aims of the SDGs. We are able to achieve this by exercising the knowledge we gain in advisory services, research, teaching, training, dialogue and discussions.


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05 Oct 2018 description
training Registration deadline: 01 Jul 2019 Training date: 09 Sep 2019 to 04 Sep 2020 Royal Tropical Institute

Master in International Health

05 Oct 2018 description
training Registration deadline: 01 Feb 2019 Training date: 01 Apr 2019 to 21 Jun 2019 Royal Tropical Institute

E-learning courses are the perfect solution for those looking to expand their knowledge but unable to study in Amsterdam. They can be followed via internet connection from anywhere in the world.

The e-learning course ‘ Rebuilding Disrupted Health Systems - Developing context-specific strategies for health care policies, implementation and governance (E-learning) (RDHS-E) - is accredited by tropEd and can be followed as a stand-alone course or as part of the Master in International Health programme.

05 Oct 2018 description
training Registration deadline: 20 Mar 2019 Training date: 20 May 2019 to 07 Jun 2019 Royal Tropical Institute

In this course participants become acquainted with the policy instruments, governance mechanisms and financial structures related to HIV and AIDS. Participants analyse political and institutional structures and their implications for planning and managing responses. They also learn to identify HIV and AIDS-related international agreements, conventions and financial mechanisms, and analyse how these influence national planning and implementation and vice versa. The course focuses on the situation in low and Middle Income Countries.

05 Oct 2018 description
training Registration deadline: 18 Jan 2019 Training date: 18 Mar 2019 to 05 Apr 2019 Royal Tropical Institute

Reproductive health services are no longer limited to population control and safe motherhood. The women’s movement has drawn attention to the implications of human rights for women’s health, which goes beyond their reproductive capacity and includes a rights-based and gendered approach to issues such as HIV and AIDS and sexually-transmitted infections (STIs). The HIV and AIDS epidemic has a dramatic impact on the social and economic situation of individuals communities and societies.

05 Oct 2018 description
training Registration deadline: 23 Feb 2019 Training date: 23 Apr 2019 to 10 May 2019 Royal Tropical Institute

Improving access to equitable and quality sexual and Reproductive Health, including HIV and AIDS related services is high on the global public health agenda. Effectively organising these services is a critical element of health systems’ function. This module considers ‘rights’ as being central to sexual and reproductive health. The module builds on the state of the art evidence to critically analyse effective responses across building blocks of the health system.