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30 Sep 2018 description
report Kathmandu Tribune

At least 296,514 houses, out of 555,612 that were damaged by the devastating earthquake of April 25, 2015, have completed reconstruction.

According to the latest statistics of National Reconstruction Authority (NRA), the the remaining 205,998 houses are in the process of rebuilding.

As the statistics of less affected 18 districts is yet to be compiled, the NRA expected that the number of houses which have already completed reconstruction has reached 350,000.

30 Sep 2017 description
report Kathmandu Tribune

Food insecurity and malnutrition is one of the major health issues caused by climate change. It is irrefutably the most important consequences to the poor and least developed countries like Nepal where about quarter of the population are living in poverty. When the underlying population is starving and the fact that food security directly impacts human health is evident, all other problems besides being food secure becomes secondary. To aggravate the situation further, the constantly changing climatic pattern is constantly threatening the major basis of livelihood of the country i.e.