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08 Aug 2014 description
report Jinde Charities

On August 3th,4:30pm, Ludian country, Zhaotong city, Yunnan province(N.27.1,E103.3) happened 6.5 magnitude earthquake ,the depth of origin is under 12 km of the earth. The core of earthquake is at Longtou town, which is at 23km away from Ludian country, by August 8th 7pm , the quake had caused 615 persons died, 114 persons disappeared, and 3143 persons were injured, 229.7 thousand persons are at emergency arrangement.

07 Aug 2014 description
report Jinde Charities

August 5th, Jinde‘s relief team arrived at the epicenter Longquan Village, Longtou Township at 14:00 pm after more than 3 hours of treking through the hills. The dead bodies covered by the plastic and injured people lying on the roadsides made their hearts became heavier and heavier.

24 Feb 2014 description
report Jinde Charities

The Livelihood Development Project in Ya’an disaster area put forwarded by Jinde Charities over the meeting of “Beautiful Village, Go Together with Charities”had got through evaluation of the project committee and got financial assistance from China Foundation of Poverty Alleviation. The project would be carried out in Dahe Village, Taiping Town, helping local people develop breeding industry in the form of professional cooperative of farmers.

19 Sep 2013 description
report Jinde Charities

On September 13, Jinde Charities distributed rice and flour to three hundred and ten families in Lulu Village, Meichuan Town, Min County under the coordination of volunteer Tan Ruixia. Each Family got a bag of rice and a bag of flour, worthing forty thousand Yuan in total.

16 Sep 2013 description
report Jinde Charities

On September 9,2013, Jinde Charities distributed supplies worthy of about seventy thousand Yuan to Fengwangxiang ,Qingshui County, Hongluo Village of Maiji District in Liugou Village, Hongbao Town and Shimen under the help from fathers, sisters and brethren in Tianshui Parish.