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24 Apr 2017 description


Jordan hosts asylum seekers and refugees from different neighbouring countries. As of 31st December 2016, 655,344 (514,274 and 141,070 in urban and camps respectively) Syrian refugees have been registered with UNHCR Jordan office since the onset of crisis in 2011. In addition, Jordan hosts asylum seekers and refugees from Iraq, Sudan, Yemen and Somalia.

18 Jul 2016 description

United Nations (UN) and Partners

Humanitarian Response for Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) - Health Sector Gender Analysis

Key Findings

31 Oct 2014 description


  1. Infants 0–6 months

  2. Children 6–59 Months

  3. PLW Women of reproductive age (including adolescent girls)

  4. Older people (60 years and over)

  5. Vulnerable groups with special nutrition needs