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01 Oct 2018 description
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Indonesia: Red Cross teams “don’t know what we’ll find” at earthquake and tsunami disaster zone

Jakarta/Geneva, 29 September 2018 – Indonesian Red Cross volunteers and staff are racing to helpsurvivors of the earthquakes and tsunami that hit Central Sulawesi province on Friday, killing at least 384 people and injuring hundreds more in Palu city. The full extent of the disaster is not yet known as communications are still down and rescue teams have not yet reached the district of Donggala, which was closest to the epicentre of the 7.4 magnitude earthquake.

30 Mar 2018 description

Displacement in the context of disasters is a global and increasing phenomenon. Since 2008, disasters stemming from natural hazards have displaced an average of 24.6 million people each year – the equivalent to one person per second. This Information Sheet examines displacement that arises as a result of disasters and climate change, and distinguishes between internal displacement and cross-border displacement.

30 Mar 2018 description

Children are highly vulnerable to disasters, in part due to their young age, dependency needs and developmental status. In disasters nearly all the rights of children are implicated – ranging from basic survival to freedom from abuse and exploitation, and access to health care and education. All too often, at the critical juncture following a major disaster, children are relegated to the margins. This Information Sheet examines the specific rights and needs of children in disasters.

30 Mar 2018 description

Gender based violence (GBV) is any act or threat of harm inflicted on a person because of their gender. Specific factors which can facilitate increased rates of GBV during a disaster include: the weakening of community and institutional protection mechanisms; disruption of services and community life; destruction of infrastructure; separation of families; displacement; and limited access to justice and health services. This Information Sheet highlights the extent and impact of gender based violence on women and children in disasters, and required actions to prevent and respond to GBV.