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20 Aug 2014 description

Capacity Self Assessments help organisations achieve their goals

Carmen da Silva Wells

Improving the performance of the WASH sector to achieve services for life requires change within organisations and sector institutions. Such change cannot be achieved with standardised one-off training for individual staff. A short paper describes our experience in Indonesia with Capacity Self-Assessments, a tool to catalyse a participatory process towards continually improving organisational performance.

30 Apr 2014 description

At IRC, we believe that turning on a working tap should not be a surprise or cause for celebration.
We believe in a world where water, sanitation and hygiene are fundamental services that everyone is able to take for granted. For good.

30 Apr 2014 description


The implementation of sanitation and hygiene programmes, let alone the setup of effective rural sanitation services in West-Africa are facing tremendous challenges, as low coverage rates clearly indicate.

20 Feb 2014 description
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Conference report

he first Unclogging the Blockages conference took place in Kampala, Uganda from Feb 18-20, 2014 with the aim of putting on the table some of the major challenges facing the scale up of sustainable sanitation as well as in in collaborating towards innovative solutions. The conference gathered a diverse array of over 150 individuals both from within and outside the sanitation sector, including those working on business approaches, finance, health, demand creation, and technology development.