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18 Oct 2018 description

Key Results

According to the IPC Analysis, as for June-September 2018, Lubombo region is classified in Crisis (IPC Phase 3) with 122 657 people or 25% of the population in Crisis conditions. Hhohho and Manzini regions are classified at Minimal level of food insecurity (IPC Phase 1), and Shiselweni region is classified at Stressed level (IPC Phase 2).

18 Oct 2018 description
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Key Results

The latest IPC acute food insecurity situation analysis (June 2018 with projections up to September 2018) covered 36 districts of 7 Provinces. According to the results, 531,476 people in 19 districts were classified to be in "Crisis" (IPC phase 3) and in need of urgent interventions to protect their livelihoods, reduce food shortages and increase their resilience to extreme events.

28 Sep 2018 description
  • Based on the September IPC analysis, it is expected that 6.1 million people (59% of the total population) faced Crisis (IPC Phase 3) or worse acute food insecurity at the peak of the lean season (July – August), of whom 47,000 were in Catastrophe (IPC phase 5) and 1.7 million were in Emergency (IPC Phase 4).
25 Jul 2018 description

418 927 - Nombre total d'enfants de 6-59 mois souffrant de malnutrition aiguë et nécessitant une prise en charge nutritionnelle dans les 10 régions analysées

189 926 - Les femmes en âge de procréer (15-59 ans) souffrant de malnutrition aiguë avec un besoin de prise en charge nutritionnelle

Combien : Au total, 418,927 enfants souffrent actuellement de malnutrition aiguë sur la base des résultats de l'enquête nutrition SMART réalisée en août 2017 au Tchad et que ce nombre pourraient augmenter au cours de l’année 2018 si des mesures urgentes ne sont pas prises,

17 Jul 2018 description

Key Results

The Chronic Food Insecurity of Nepal is analyzed for 13 sub regions in December, 2014. As Nepal has 15 sub-regions, unavailability of sufficient data for all 15 sub-regions and similarity in socio-economic and geographical conditions of three sub-regions made possible to combine three sub regions (West, Mid-West and Far-west Mountain) into one sub-region i.e. Western Mountain resulting 13 sub-regions for Analysis. It should be noted that two districts in Western mountain i.e. Manang and Mustang are found to be better off due to income from tourism.

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03 Feb 2016 description

This e-learning course, entitled Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) - version 2.0, provides an overview of IPC approach. The goal of this course is to provide guidance on how to use IPC tools and procedures specifically focused on acute food insecurity.


The target audience of the e-learning course includes: