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Interpeace is an independent, international peacebuilding organization and a strategic partner of the United Nations.

We were created by the United Nations in 1994. We became an independent organization in 2000 while maintaining a unique partnership with the UN. As a result, we operate either as an independent NGO or as a UN initiative.

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01 Sep 2017 description
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Who do you trust when you cannot trust anyone?

Scott M. Weber

When a natural disaster strikes, such as a flood or an earthquake, it is heartening to see how ordinary people come to each other’s aid and collectively rebuild what they have lost. Those social bonds represent the best of humanity and the most essential values – solidarity, respect, dignity and selflessness – that we want to see underpin our societies.

13 Aug 2017 description
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Going beyond negative stigmas to transform youth’s agency

05 Jul 2017 description

Publication Summary

This report presents the findings of a year-long consultation process to establish the challenges to peace in Kenya’s Mandera County, as perceived by the local communities of the County.

17 Jun 2017 description
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With over 20 years of experience working in the Somali Region, Interpeace and its partner organizations have supported and advanced state-building and peacebuilding processes. Our work has helped transform dialogue into action in the interest of communities across the region, by convening a wide range of stakeholders in neutral political spaces. Interpeace’s long term institutional partners, the Academy for Peace and Development (APD) in Somaliland and the Puntland Development Research Center (PDRC) in Puntland, have ensured local ownership in our peacebuilding approach.

26 May 2017 description
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May 26, 2017

Signing the peace agreement in Colombia put an end to one of the world’s longest armed conflicts and marked the beginning of a process to build lasting and sustainable peace, which requires the involvement and commitment of all public institutions and society as a whole. The National Police of Colombia is a key institution in this peacebuilding process, due to its dual role to guarantee security and peaceful coexistence, and at the same time to help prevent violence.