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Insecurity Insight is a team of experts who apply an innovative method for generating data on the impact of insecurity on people's lives and well-being.

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19 Jun 2018 description
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25 May 2018: In Kakuma town, Turkana county, an inter-clan fight at Kakuma refugee camp resulted in the death of a tribal chief and another person. Source: Radio Tamazuj


17 May 2018: In Dikwa town, Borno state, a suspected Boko Haram suicide bomber detonated his explosives at an open-air mosque in an internally displaced people (IDP) camp, killing at least four people and injuring 15 more. Source: Punch


18 Jun 2018 description
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Sexual violence and abuse are beginning to be recognised as a major problem across the international aid industry. According to the ‘Report the Abuse’ survey, 86% of aid workers know a colleague who has experienced sexual violence associated with their work. Yet sexual violence in humanitarian settings is rarely reported as a security incident. Aid agencies are not reporting sexual violence numbers.

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La gestion de l’information issue des incidents de sécurité (GIIS) est la collecte, la notification, l’enregistrement, l’analyse, le partage et l’utilisation des informations (y compris les données) liées à un incident de sécurité. La gestion de l’information issue des incidents de sécurité est un élément clé de la gestion globale des risques de sécurité d’une organisation, qui vise à renforcer sa sécurité organisationnelle afin d’améliorer son accès aux populations dans le besoin.

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La gestión de información sobre incidentes de seguridad (GIIS) es la recopilación, el reporte, el registro, el análisis, el intercambio y uso de información (datos incluidos) vinculada con un incidente de seguridad. La gestión de información sobre incidentes de seguridad es un elemento crucial de una gestión de riesgos de seguridad más amplia en una organización, dirigida a respaldar la seguridad organizativa para así mejorar en última instancia el acceso a poblaciones necesitadas.

08 Jun 2018 description
report Insecurity Insight

This overview document presents incidents affecting aid delivery in 16 countries in the Americas in 2017. The report is based on incidents identified in open sources and reported by Aid in Danger partner agencies using the Security in Numbers Database (SiND). In 2017, 156 security incidents affecting NGO staff members, programmes and assets were reported. The total number of reported incidents below reflects the willingness of agencies to share information. It is neither a complete count nor representative.

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