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IMS s a growing non-profit organisation working to support journalists and media in countries affected by armed conflict, human insecurity and political transition.

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02 Jul 2018 description

IMS Annual Report 2017-2018: Paving the way for good journalism

“The time is not to look inwards, but to engage globally,” writes Jesper Højberg, Executive Director of IMS, in this year’s IMS Annual Report 2017-2018: “Paving the way for good journalism”

16 Aug 2017 description

Assault on journalism and freedom of expression

Pushing norms and standards in politics, conflict and media to new extremes, leaders in every region of the world in 2016 consolidated and expanded their powers at the expense of freedom and democracy.
From armed conflict and forced migration to the spread of misinformation and the rise of right-wing populism, the chaotic and disheartening developments of the year in many ways marked the new frontiers of global repression and inequality.

29 Jun 2016 description

Sustaining Independent Media in Times of Conflict

In a year where the greatest influx of refugees seen by Europe since World War II dominated headlines and pressured government aid budgets, I have been asked on several occasions why support to media development in conflict zones, humanitarian disasters and countries in the midst of democratic transition should be a priority.

07 Jan 2016 description

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal 25 April 2015 affected numerous radio stations in the 14 districts hit by the disaster. But despite lost equipment, destroyed buildings, chaos and personal tragedies, many radio stations managed to get back on air in a matter of hours or days.

Nepal earthquake silences over 20 community radios

20 Nov 2015 description

No one appears to be winning in Libya’s violent revolutionary aftermath. The media and the civilian population seem to be clear losers though.

By Morten Toustrup, PhD-fellow with IMS