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11 Feb 2018 description

During a field day in its Amlaha Station in Central India’s Madhya Pradesh State, ICARDA shared its improved cultivars with 200 farmers and special guests. The government has recently launched an initiative to provide farmers with improved varieties and receive training on production technology in order to close the production gap.

04 Dec 2017 description

Using non-GM molecular breeding techniques, ICARDA’s scientists developed a set of durum wheat varieties that can withstand up to 40°C heat along the Senegal River basin. If scaled up, the technology offers potential to fight hunger and help farmers adapt to rising temperatures.

With the financial support of the Swedish Research Council, ICARDA scientists developed super-early and heat-tolerant durum wheat cultivars and tested them in the land left fallow by rice farmers during winter months – from December to March – in the Senegal River basin.

13 Nov 2017 description

The dry areas are particularly vulnerable to climate change. Agricultural research for development will help communities cope with rising temperatures and water scarcity – strengthening their resilience, preventing displacement, and developing the lessons that other regions can use to support their own adaptation strategies.  

09 Nov 2017 description

One of the key priorities of ICARDA activities in Afghanistan is raising the capacity of the country’s women farmers. With funding from AusAid, the Center recently conducted training with the staff and community members of Action Aid, an international NGO based in South Africa and working across 45 countries to tackle poverty. 

08 Nov 2017 description

Water access in Sudan is key to the livelihood of the country’s farming communities. ICARDA is working on the ground in Kordofan to maximize the productivity of the area’s crop-range-livestock systems by developing and implementing water-harvesting interventions.


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14 Feb 2018 description

Main purpose of the position

Providing communication and administrative support for the delivery of ICARDA’s communication products, social media activities, events and campaigns.

Main responsibilities

• Manages requests for and the production of ICARDA communication products by liaising with scientists, external writers, editors, designers and printers.

• Manages sections of the ICARDA website by writing blogs, updating information, and uploading new content.

07 Feb 2018 description

Main purpose of the position

The Legal Counsel oversees all legal affairs of ICARDA and provides legal advice on a wide range of corporate, strategic and operational issues, including general business, corporate law, intellectual property, institutional agreements, governance, employment law matters, compliance and risk management. The Legal Counsel acts as the Secretary of the Board of Trustees.


31 Jan 2018 description

Main purpose of the position

The position is required to take leadership in managing the project finance and donor reporting functions of all projects. The position is responsible for ensuring that the financial accounts and project reports comply with the policies and procedures of ICARDA and the donors.

Main responsibilities

The incumbent will report to the Financial Planning and Reporting Manager and will have the following responsibilities:

23 Jan 2018 description

Main purpose of the position