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23 Jan 2013 description

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  • The Government expenditure for 2013 totals IQD 138.4 Trillion ($ 118.3 Billion), with an increase of 18% over 2012 and exceeding 70% of GDP. The budget has three main headings: Energy, Security / Defense .and Social Services, accounting for 21%, 14%, and 13% respectively of total budget

  • Investment Expenditure represents 40% (IQD 55.1 Trillion) of government budgeted expenditure, the largest ever for Iraq. Investment in Oil and Electricity amountsto over 43% of the investment expenditure

10 Dec 2012 description


UN Country Team Iraq Projects Map

The IAU had produced the latest UN Country Team (UNCT)
Map of Projects showing the 503 UNCT active projects in Iraq. The map can be downloaded from the map catalogue of the IAU website at:

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