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19 Apr 2018 description


The issue of how the global community can effectively address forced displacement is prominent on the international agenda. Displacement levels are the highest ever recorded with roughly 65 million people forcibly displaced around the world, including over 21 million refugees, three million asylum-seekers and over 40 million internally displaced persons (IDPs).

13 Apr 2018 description

Q1: What is an IASC Humanitarian System-Wide Emergency Response (‘Level 3/L3 Response’)?

A1: Declaration of an IASC Humanitarian System-Wide Emergency Response (‘Level 3/L3’ Response) activates a system-wide mobilization of capacity (leadership, staffing and funding) to enable accelerated and scaled-up delivery of assistance and protection to people in need, including by:

1) Setting up enhanced leadership and coordination capacities of the humanitarian system; and

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