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07 Sep 2017 description

Uganda is the center of the world's fastest growing refugee crisis: every day around 2,000 people stream across Uganda's borders fleeing famine, drought and violence in neighboring countries. The South Sudan-Uganda refugee crisis is becoming a test for donor governments to show that the extraordinarily progressive and open-door policy to refugees of Uganda is a viable, humanitarian and sustainable alternative to how refugees are hosted in several countries in the Middle East and Europe.

05 Sep 2017 description

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team and MapUganda launched a Mapathon on World Refugees Days, bringing together a team of 28 volunteers gathered at ImpactHub in Turkey and a team of humanitarian aid workers in Uganda, including representatives of WFP and UNHCR.

2,550 buildings were identified during the Mapathon in the areas of Boroli, Olua and Ayilo refugee settlements

In coordination with MSF to gather information on the extension of Rhino refugee settlement, planned to host 60,000 refugees.

Key figures of the Mapathon and field data collection:

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