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21 Nov 2016 description
report HealthNet TPO

On November 1st HealthNet TPO, in a consortium with ICCO en Mensen met een Missie, started a new project in Colombia. In this project we go to areas that have been heavily affected by the Colombian conflict. We use different models of intervention for this, including and encompassing the entire community in the intervention. Together with networks of people we will identify and work on the problems that they face and look for proper solutions. The overall emphasis is to decrease violence against women and to improve the participation of women in the peacebuilding process in Colombia.

05 Aug 2016 description
report HealthNet TPO


HealthNet TPO is a Dutch aid agency that works on recovery of communities in war torn societies.
We improve health and wellbeing by changing victims into agents of change, building on existing community resources to create new resources, thus help people gain health, hope and confidence.

04 Feb 2016 description
report HealthNet TPO

February 2016, blog by Aleida van der Wal

17 Nov 2015 description
report HealthNet TPO

12 November 2015 - By Joseph Nduwumwami, Country Manager Burundi - Despite the creation of the Inter-Burundi Dialogue Commission early October to oversee the dialogue between government and opposition, daily violence continued especially in Bujumbura. Corpses were found on streets throughout the month. Mid-October armed groups repeatedly attacked police positions in Bujumbura.

12 Nov 2015 description
report HealthNet TPO

10 November 2015 – by Lenny Schouten – While discussions on the refugees in Europe run high, this is also a hot topic in Burundi. Some 45,000 Burundian refugees who had fled the violence and went to Tanzania returned to Burundi this year because they were no longer welcome in their new country. How is Burundi handling the situation of this new flow of people who are trying to find a new home in the areas around the border?