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01 Mar 2005 description

In this article, the author warns the humanitarian community to be business-savvy before they decide to use private military services.

Peter Warren Singer is National Security Fellow at the Brookings Institution and Director of the Brookings Project on US Policy Towards the Islamic World.

01 Jun 2004 description

Gerald Martone and Hope Neighbor describe how saving lives can be used as an "emergency alibi" by relief organizations in order to speed up decision-making. Unfortunately, it is also used as an excuse for breaches of good craftsmanship or non-compliance with conventional best practices.

The purpose with this article is to show that immediate humanitarian needs in disasters can destabilise victims' future well-being and that a long-term view of emergency assistance gives rise to greater short and long-term benefits to the victims.

16 Apr 2002 description

Rupert Neudeck, founder of cap Anamur, is an outspoken critic of UN policy on food distribution to North Korea. He tells HAR why NGOs should avoid government funding

HAR: Cap Anamur took its name from the ship you sent to the South China Sea to rescue Vietnamese boat people and you have kept the name for over 20 years. Are there any other legacies from that time?

In those days we relied exclusively on backing from private German donors, and we want to continue being a pure NGO. We believe it is important to make a very clear distinction between the actions of governments and NGOs.

16 Apr 2002 description

Pharmaciens sans Frontières sent Loic Aubry, a French administrator and logistics specialist with his Canadian colleague Martine Lecuyer, to El Salvador to evaluate the effects of the earthquake in January. In this report he describes their experiences

Suddenly, the ground heaved under our feet, as if it had received two blows from a colossal ram: the hotel shuddered, everybody started screaming and made for the exit. We found ourselves outside, crowding with others on the square, in a state of panic. The whole town of San Salvador was out on the streets.

16 Apr 2002 description

When aid donors ask the victims of an emergency to contribute to their own medical costs, many are at once excluded from care. Valery Ridde reports on funding schemes that can bridge this "efficiency-equity gap"