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19 Nov 2018 description
report The Guardian

With Venezuela in turmoil, more than 250,000 people have fled to Colombia’s first migrant camp, in Bogotá. But with scant food and no heating or sanitation, their hardship is unrelenting

By Joe Parkin Daniels

The feet of Estilita López, 78 years old, are bloodied and bruised from the arduous journey from Yaracuy, in northern Venezuela, to Bogotá, the Colombian capital. Together with 460 fellow compatriots, she now lives in a new, city-funded migrant camp that has just sprung up on a football pitch near the airport.

19 Nov 2018 description
report The Guardian

Group aims to create jobs and reduce tensions on Greek island bearing brunt of migrant arrivals

By Helena Smith

An air of optimism hovers over the olive grove. Men from Africa, Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq are busy building a wooden structure that will serve as a new shelter. There is quiet concentration, banter and even a bit of laughter as they bang nails into the beams.

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15 Nov 2018 description
report The Guardian

Peter Beaumont in Fallujah

In the former Islamic State stronghold of Fallujah, the legacy of extremism lingers in the form of unexploded landmines

Shuhada school sits on what was one of Iraq’s most violent frontlines, in the former Isis stronghold of Fallujah. The children have to walk along a dirt road, the edges of which are lined with red-painted bricks and skull and crossbones signs that warn of the risk beyond the makeshift border – landmines laid by the extremist group.

07 Nov 2018 description
report The Guardian

Dr Eric Mukama

As a doctor in DRC, I know the harsh reality of attempting to fight an epidemic on the frontline of a conflict zone

I have been responding to different disease outbreaks in the Democratic Republic of the Congo for 18 years, yet I have never seen anything as challenging as containing Ebola in an armed-conflict zone.

05 Nov 2018 description
report The Guardian

By Jason Burke, Africa Correspondent, and Abdalle Ahmed Mumin in Mogadishu

Drownings, disease and abuse fail to deter on route supposed to be safer option from east Africa

When the boat’s engines stopped, the beatings began. The smugglers tried to keep order by hitting the panicking passengers with rifle butts and their fists. It was night, and the Yemeni coast was invisible, though only a few hundred metres away across a choppy sea.

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