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06 Dec 2017 description



During the past decade, maternal and newborn mortality in Timor-Leste has experienced a notable decline . Improvements have been made, but still an estimated 2702 women die in pregnancy or childbirth for every 100,000 live births: 243 neonates die around the time of birth for every 1,000 live births. These indices are unacceptably high and reflect the limited quality and availability of maternal and newborn health services in the country.

28 Jul 2017 description

The National Directorate for Disaster Risks of the Ministry of Social Solidarity held a meeting on July 10th at the Timor Plaza, in Díli, on the development of the Díli-Ainaro road corridor project, in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and relevant ministries.

21 Feb 2017 description

The Ministry of Social Solidarity, through the Social Solidarity Centre, provided emergency assistance and construction materials to 15 families in the village of Comoro, Administrative Post of Dom Aleixo, municipality of Dili, who had their homes damaged by the strong winds from last week, in a symbolic ceremony held on February 14th.

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