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21 May 2018 description

1. Introduction

The Republic of South Sudan is the newest country of the world, with a total estimated population of 11,296,000 and 406,000 annual births. Despite facing many challenges, it is a growing country committed to improving the living conditions of their population.

21 May 2018 description

1.0 Background

Maternal and child malnutrition is a significant public health problem in South Sudan. Among children aged 6-59 months, 31% are stunted, 28% are underweight, and nearly 23% are acutely malnourished of which 13% are estimated to suffer from moderate acute malnutrition and 10% from severe acute malnutrition.

04 May 2018 description

Major Epidemiological Developments W16 2018

• Completeness for IDSR reporting at county level was 55%. Completeness for EWARS reporting from IDP sites was 83%.

• A total of 9 alerts were reported, of which 100% have been verified. 0 alerts were risk assessed and 0 required a response.

• Rift Valley Fever outbreak - Yirol East with 55 suspect human cases including 6 confirmed; 3 probable; 26 noncases; and 20 pending classification (with no samples collected). Nine confirmed animal cases (cattle).

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