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30 Jul 2018 description
report Government of Samoa

26-27 July, Leaders of Pacific SIDs including Samoa met in Suva, Fiji for the Second Climate Action Partnership Program, to review outcomes of the Climate Change Conference of the Parties in Bonn (COP23) 2017 to prepare for COP 24 in Poland 2018. Australia, New Zealand and the territories were also invited and contributed during informal sessions. Fiji holding the Presidency of the COP23 continues to hold regional dialogue to harness a common coordinated voice to regional priorities endorsed.

23 Jul 2018 description
report Government of Samoa

Ms Ferila Brown (Principal Sustainable Developments), Ms Josie Chan Ting (Senior DRR) and Mr Silipa Mulitalo (Scientific Officer) had represented the Ministry to the Disaster Risk Reduction Workshop held in Bohol, Philippines.

The purpose of the workshop is to enhance and improve community resilience; to promote the uses of science and technology in addressing climate change and DRR issues; enhance and improve disaster displacement; strengthen Disaster Risk Management (DRM) in the Pacific Region.

25 Jun 2018 description


The two-day workshop in Apia, Samoa brought together Samoa National Logistic Unit (SLU) partners, to provide an overview of Regional Pacific Logistic Cluster activities to date,and to start developing and reviewing Samoa’s national logistics coordination tools and mechanisms. Topics included:

09 Apr 2018 description
report Government of Samoa

Outbreak Overview

The situational analysis of the dengue fever outbreak in Samoa as shown in the graph below portrays a continual decrease in the number of cases over the past 10 weeks. The cumulative total as of March 18th is 3,255 with a national attack rate of 16.6 per 1,000 population.

05 Mar 2018 description
report Government of Samoa

Outbreak Overview

The epi-curve of DENV-2 outbreak in Samoa shows a gradual decline in the number of cases per week. However, the numbers are still high with an accumulative total of 3,001 cases recorded from both clinical diagnosis and laboratory results. The national attack rate per 1,000 population is 15.3 with 1.5% of Samoa’s population affected.