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14 Nov 2016 description

The Government of Nauru has welcomed news that refugees on the island will be resettled in the United States and has commended the Australian Government for its handling of the process.

Minister for Justice David Adeang said while the Government has consistently sought to correct false reports about conditions and safety of the refugees, it has also always stated the need to find suitable third countries for permanent resettlement.

06 Oct 2015 description

The Government has confirmed that the country's Regional Processing Centre that houses asylum seekers will become an 'open centre' 24 hours per day, seven days per week from today.

The Department of Justice and Border Control explained that this meant that detention had ended, and all asylum seekers are now free to move around the island at their will.

02 Mar 2015 description


This document - the Republic of Nauru Framework for Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction (RONAdapt) - represents the Government of Nauru's response to the risks to sustainable development posed by climate change and disasters. It aims to do two things.

20 Jan 2014 description

The Emergency Evacuation Policy of Nauru. In any event such as fire, earthquake, severe accident, tsunami evacuation of school buildings will be required to ensure the safe of all students, staff, parents and visitors.

The aim of the policy is to evacuate all students, staff, parents and visitors in an organised and controlled movement from a threatened danger area to a safe area; evacuate everyone from school buildings to the safe area in the minimum possible time: and to ensure that exposure to danger and the possible risk of injury are minimised.