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17 Aug 2017 description

The Country Preparedness Package (CPP) is a joint initiative of the Governments of the Pacific Islands and the Pacific Humanitarian Team (PHT). The CPP is intended to strengthen preparedness and collaboration between national and international actors in the event of a disaster.

20 Apr 2016 description

Outbreak came to the attention of RMI Ministry of Health in late January, with report of a traveler who was ill in November after a 3 week stay in Majuro and later testing in Australia. 34 met case definition since expanded surveillance for Zika begun Jan 29. Two new possible cases in past 25 days and none in past week. Out of the 34 suspect cases:6 pregnant ladies, 1 pos PCR (index case), 1 neg PCR but positive Igm. 2 delivered (babies did not meet the microencephaly criteria). And 2 pregnant mothers are still waiting for Igm testing.

18 Apr 2016 description



  • RMI Drought Immediate and Near Response Plan endorsed by Cabinet on 3rd March 2016.

  • Her Excellency President Dr. Hilda Heine has extended the RMI State of Drought Disaster on 6th April 2016

  • Response efforts coordinated through the National Emergency Operation Center.

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