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23 Oct 2017 description


This report was compiled by the Ministry of Labour’s (MoL) Syrian Refugee Unit (SRU) and will provide the following:

  • Total work permits issued to Syrian refugees.

  • Disaggregation of work permit data by gender, type of permit, and location.

  • Camp-specific work permit issuances.


25 Aug 2017 description

AMMAN, Jordan, 22 Aug 2017 – “While she sleeps beside me, I can’t stop gazing and admiring her beautiful innocent face,” said Amra (name changed). “I can’t believe I have a baby now!” Like any new mother, she is besotted with her baby girl. But unlike most mothers, Amra did not give birth to her child. She met her 13 month old daughter Ruba (name changed) through the foster care programme in Jordan.

09 Aug 2017 description


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY With the Syria crisis entering its seventh year in 2017, Jordan is hosting some 1.266 million Syrians,1 of which 655,833 are registered as refugees.2 Providing for their needs, without jeopardizing Jordanian people, institutions and systems’ development gains and opportunities, has impacted heavily on Jordan’s finances, increasing government expenditures on subsidies, public services and security, while further compounding the negative economic consequences of regional instability.

19 Apr 2017 description

AMMAN — Interior Minister Ghaleb Zu'bi on Tuesday inaugurated the "Forum on Seeking Refuge and Syrian Refugees in Jordan" organised by his ministry and the UNHCR at the Dead Sea, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.

During the inauguration, attended by senior officials, Zu'bi said that Jordan looks forward to the end of the Syrian crisis, and to the day when Syrians can return to rebuild their country, free from the threats of war and violence.

10 Apr 2017 description

AMMAN — The Brussels conference on Syria has approved aid worth $39,7 billion, including six grants, for Syrian refugees' host countries including Jordan, the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation said on Saturday.

The conference was co-chaired by the UN, the EU, Germany, Kuwait, Norway, Qatar and the UK with the participation of 70 countries.

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