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23 Aug 2016 description

Families affected by the major flooding on 6 August began receiving assistance from the advance payment fund that was set up to help them until damage can be assessed. More than 2.000 people from Skopje and Tetovo are eligible to collect a 500 EUR advance payment after they have submitted their contact details to the Finance Ministry.

"Payments will continue in the coming period, according to the information that are being delivered to the Commission set up to estimate damages", said Finance Minister Kiril Minoski.

18 Aug 2016 description

The majority of streets and houses in the village of Stajkovci have been cleaned. More than 85% of the houses have been disinfected. The citizens, whose homes and properties have been flooded and damaged by the freak storm that hit the Skopje region on Aug. 6, are expected soon to start receiving compensation for their damages.

11 Aug 2016 description

The Government decided to provide advance payment of damages to citizens affected by floods in the Skopje region, said Prime Minister Emil Dimitriev during Thursday's visit to flooded houses in Ilinden municipality.

EUR 1,5 million will be allocated for this purpose.

"Evaluation teams are currently on the field in order to determine the extent of damages", added Dimitriev.

PM Dimitriev was accompanied by Minister of Transport and Communications Vlado Misajlovski and Ilinden Mayor Zika Stojanovski.

08 Aug 2016 description

Assistance to tackle the consequences of the storm that hit the region of Skopje and Tetovo over the weekend has been offered to the Republic of Macedonia by many countries. Several countries in the region, including the neighboring Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Kosovo as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey and Croatia, were the first ones to offer their assistance.

“At the moment, the Republic of Macedonia is defining its needs to address the emergency situation before officially asking for international assistance,” the MoFA said Monday.

16 Sep 2015 description

The government has paid Tuesday subsidies amounting to Denar 29.9 million as compensation for damages to 394 persons that were hit by storms and floods in early 2015.

Finance Ministry told that Denar 527.000 are paid to citizens of Gradsko and 489.000 to citizens of Cesinovo-Oblesevo.

So far, Denar 144.24 million were paid to 2.218 persons in hit-flooded regions of Mogila, Novaci, Demir Hisar, Bitola, Bosilovo, Krivogastani, Veles, Probistip and Stip.