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02 Mar 2017 description


  1. The Strategic Partnership Cooperation Framework (SPCF) 2017-2021 is the fourth strategic medium-term cooperation framework for Eritrea. It outlines the collective vision and shared response of United Nations agencies in Eritrea to the National Indicative Development Plan (NIDP) 2014-2018 and responds directly to the goals of the National Charter of the People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ) to advance Eritrea’s sustainable development agenda and to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

19 Feb 2017 description

Barentu, 16 February 2017- Nurse Temesgen Berhe, head of Barentu healthcare center, explained that the number of pregnant women who have been provided with efficient maternity service has been increasing along with the expansion of healthcare facilities.

Nurse Temesgen, further elaborated that the healthcare center has been offering pediatric service to children below 5 years of age, prenatal and postnatal service to pregnant women, voluntary blood test for HIV/AIDS as well as counseling service related to reproductive health.

19 Feb 2017 description

Keren, 14 February 2017- Owing to concerted prevention actions so far taken in Ashara administrative area, Hagaz sub-zone, the prevalence of malaria, has in 2016 declined by 10% as compared to that of 2015.

According to Sister Senbetu Ghebrat, head of Healthcare center in Ashera administrative area, prevalence of various communicable diseases has substantially declined while prenatal and antenatal services has shown commendable progress.

27 Dec 2016 description

Mendefera, 27 December 2016- A micro dam project is underway in Mai-Gorzo, Mai-Mine sub-zone.

Pointing out that the micro dam will have a capacity of holding 40 thousand metric cube of water, Mr. Zaid Berhane, coordinator of the project, commended the effort residents of the area have so far exerted towards the successful implementation of the project.

The residents of the area said that they use to travel for long hours to fetch water and expressed expectation that their problem will be alleviated with the completion of the project.

05 Sep 2016 description

Massawa, 05 September 2016- Mr. Ali Edris Beshir, administrator of Nakfa sub-zone, said that dams constructed in post independence period have been playing significant role in solving deficit of potable water and in the development of vegetables farms.

Commending to the active involvement of the public in the construction of the dams, Mr. Edris said that 45 dams constructed in the past four years in the administrative areas of Bakla and Mariet have impounded adequate amount of water and thus making due contrition in the improvement of people's living standards.